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Wawa to unveil new giant goose on Canada DayTown of Wawa

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The unveiling is scheduled for Canada Day.Wawa to unveil new giant goose on Canada DayTown of Wawa building new giant goose roadside attraction”The whole idea is [for the goose] to be very similar to the original,” said Garth Dallman, a project manager with Research Casting International the company in charge of rebuilding the bird.”We’re not really doing too much that’s different.”The original goose has been on the side of the Trans Canada Highway since 1963. (Provided)The current 8.5 metre tall metal statue was built in 1963. Wawa’s CAO, Chris Wray, has told CBC News the existing structure is compromised in several places, necessitating a replacement.Staff at Research Casting International includes sculptors, as well as blacksmiths and other artisans.

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