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The officer might have heard Castile say he was just trying to

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Hermes Replica Bags He also cited testimony from first responders of Castile’s gun falling out of his pocket as he was loaded onto a backboard.He asked the jury to consider what might have happened if Yanez, when told of the gun, had simply stepped back a few feet to better assess the situation. The officer might have heard Castile say he was just trying to get his wallet, Paulsen said.Rain From Monster Hurricane Irma Begins Hitting Puerto Rico”If he had done that, everybody would have gone home safely that night,” the prosecutor said. He also alluded to testimony from defense witnesses who portrayed Yanez as a good and honest man.”The victim in this case was a good man too,” Paulsen said, and referred to Castile’s job at an elementary school. Hermes Replica Bags

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